AKAM and our clients are driven, decisive, and disciplined.
Focused on long term growth.
Strategically focused and tactically aggressive.







AKAM methods and the clients we choose to work with are Driven. AKAM stokes heroic ambition in both ourselves and our clients. AKAM client’s aspirations are realized as we impact the world with our works. What we bring is edge… what we strive to deliver is Alpha.

AKAM methods and the clients we choose to work with are Decisive. Taking Hesiod’s ageless words to heart… “Observe due measure, for right timing is in all things the most important factor…” AKAM is focused on that critical opportune moment to act. That moment has a name. It is Kairos.

AKAM methods and the clients we choose to work with are Disciplined. AKAM stands firm, knowing that physiology propels psychology and cultivate environments and behaviors that nurture optimal performance. Arête is what the Greeks called this peak state where efficiency and effectiveness merge to demonstrate excellence. AKAM is home to practitioners of Arête.


AKAM’s primary trading philosophy is centered on hedging client’s traditional stock and bond portfolios.

Human Behavior

AKAM’s system looks at the market through the lens of human behavior, holding to the thesis that human behavior, on a mass scale in a gamified environment, follows patterns predictable enough to be profited from. Price action, i.e., individuals deciding to put money in or pull cash out of any given market, is ultimately the reason for a market gaining or losing value.

A Designed Hedge

The AKAM system is designed to supplement, enhance, and hedge a client’s traditional stock and bond portfolio. It trades primarily in the equity indices. The system was originally developed to trade in tandem with an equities and securities trading program implemented by Mr. McCarty. This does not imply that the system requires clients to participate in any specific equities or securities program, and clients may use the system as a hedge to their own portfolios at their own discretion. AKAM reserves the right to trade in alternative markets at its discretion, including equity indices listed on foreign exchanges. While the system is technical at its core, fundamental factors may be considered during trade construction. It is intended to mitigate the risk of a client’s portfolio, and therefore positions may be customized based on each client’s portfolio. There is no guarantee against loss in a portfolio and/or account.