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Alpha Kairos Asset Management is designed to beat passive investment strategies
and avoid the underperformance typically associated with large investment funds.

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About Alpha Kairos Asset Management

Anthony McCarty

Alpha Kairos was founded by financial advisor and institutional industry veteran Anthony McCarty.


His Acclivity Trading System was built to produce dynamic returns, yet avoids common problems faced by large-scale passive investment funds. As CEO and Founder of Alpha Kairos Asset Management, Anthony seeks to bring meaningful value to his clients and the world at large.

Anthony holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma. He served as a member of U.S. Naval Intelligence, as a decorated Intelligence Specialist and analyst. After the military, Anthony studied law at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman school of law, becoming a member of the State Bar of Texas afterwards. After a short time in law, Anthony began working in Wealth and Investment Management.

Anthony synthesized an intelligence analyst background with trading and investment strategies to create the foundation of what would become Alpha Kairos Asset Management, a trading system designed to offer significant gains over a market cycle.

Components of the Acclivity Trading System


Simulates S&P 500 exposure with E-mini S&P futures, long and short positions. System provides long term exposure to a wide range of equity markets, seeking to profit from both long term bull or bearish trends.


Employs a short-duration covered call SPY strategy.


Trades are focused on following large scale, institutional money flow to maximize returns.

Features of the Acclivity Trading System

Markets Traded

Extensive use of equity futures

Treasury, currency, and commodity markets to enhance return and hedge equity positions

Deep, liquid markets

Trade Duration

Long term, multi-quarter trend following

Trend following supplemented and enhanced by discretionary trading around established trends

Trade Strategies

Enhanced technical strategies

Maximizing risk-reward for each position

Situational trading based on historical price structures



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