AKAM’s trading strategy is unapologetically growth-centered, which informs its capital goals and outlooks.

The focus is to capture significant portions of long-term trends, enhancing those returns with viable position trades. Hedging is relatively rare and used during specific times of market stress and volatility; however, the AKAM philosophy is that bear markets are ultimately trends to be profited from, not necessarily hedged.


AKAM seeks to preserve client capital by weathering swings and fluctuations and taking advantage of trends and structural market dynamics.  In short, over a long time horizon, the best way to preserve capital is to grow capital.

Target Opportunities with Precision

The strategy is quite selective with trade selection and execution, looking for high-expectancy, relatively rare trading opportunities before deploying capital. However, the trading strategy is also designed to fully exploit opportunities in a market, seeking to maximize returns during periods of attractive market conditions.

Disciplined Trade Selection

Additionally, the AKAM trading strategy constantly monitors potential market transitions into bear market conditions, viewing them not simply as events to avoid or mitigate but market opportunities to profit from. This combination of disciplined approaches to trade selection, a focus on profit in both bear and bull markets, with a decisive, driven focus on fully exploiting winning trades and trends, allows for long-term preservation of capital while maximizing potential growth.